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“Veteran Journeys” uses a creative team and Veteran/family/provider Council supported by Veteran-serving programs, to develop a mixed-media opera/oratorio with video-narratives on Veterans with mental illness or homelessness and paths to resilience/recovery. The project creates musical scenes from in-depth interviews of male and female Viet Nam war Veterans and family members 10 years after identified as depressed, on challenges and paths to recovery. Performances (Estimated June 2020) will be attended by Veterans, families and providers from Veteran-serving programs. The performers will include professional and amateur singers including Veterans, with post-performance discussion co-hosted by recovery counselors. The project follows a framework of how social and family supports and engagement in services help address Veteran stressors to promote resilience and recovery.

This project will allow veterans and their families to collaborate with the community and Greater LA VA and see their stories told and help others by sharing their stories in contributing to an art product that has a national dissemination strategy.

With funding from the California Arts Council Veterans in the Arts Grant and support from the UCLA Semel Institute’s Center for Health Services and Society

Music and Libretto by Kenneth Wells

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