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About SB-82/833

What is SB-82/833

SB-82/833 are a set of grants awarded by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) to 20 counties/entities across California to fund 30 mental health programs. SB-82 is specific to the Adult/ Transitional Age Youth (TAY) population and SB-833 was added later to include Child and School-County Collaborative programs. SB-82/833 funds triage personnel to provide crisis support services, divert individuals from incarceration, and lessen unnecessary hospitalizations.

Who are your evaluators?

The MHSOAC has contracted the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of California, Davis to evaluate the 30 mental health programs funded by SB-82/833 across the state. UC Davis is the lead in evaluating the Adult/TAY programs and UCLA is the lead in evaluating the Child and School-County Collaborative programs. UCLA and UC Davis are working together to create an evaluation plan that effectively assesses progress across the 30 diverse programs.

What is the current evaluation plan?

UCLA, UC Davis, and the MHSOAC have been working together to find out what data are available to the evaluators. The evaluation design will depend on which data can be made accessible to UCLA and UC Davis. During this first year of planning, we have established that a mixed methods design will be used for this project. This includes using data from interviews, EHR/EMRs, and other databases to effectively evaluate SB-82/833 programs and their impact throughout the state. Through our interviews, we are understanding the unifying and distinguishing characteristics of programs. While the details are still in the works, the goal is to tell the collective stories of funded counties in their successes and challenges since implementing SB-82/833 funds. We intend to have an evaluation plan by January 2020.

When will the evaluators begin collecting data?

We are currently establishing data use agreements (DUAs) and, since it is a lengthy process, it will be several months before we will begin collecting data. Once DUAs are in place, we are hoping to collect data right away and retroactively, if possible. Until that time, please continue collecting data the way you normally would, flagging SB-82/833 clients whenever possible. 

Call for Stakeholders

The evaluation will be engaging stakeholders across the state through webinars and in-person meetings, and is seeking agency and community or consumer/family advisors for the evaluation! We would like to recruit 4-6 advisors for quarterly or bi-monthly calls. Lead Advisors without a formal agency role would be eligible for a modest stipend or gift cards. We would like to have stakeholder advisors from diverse populations and counties. Webinars with online input will be open to all.  If interested, please complete the form below and a staff member will be in contact with you.

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Evaluation Team

Kenneth Wells, MD, MPH
Principal Investigator, UCLA


Jeanne Miranda, PhD
Principal Investigator, UCLA


Cameron Carter, MD
Principal Investigator, UC Davis


Joy Melnikow, MD, MPH
Principal Investigator, UC Davis


Bonnie Zima, MD, MPH
Lead Child Co-Investigator, UCLA


Sheryl Kataoka, MD, MSHS
Lead School-County Collaborative
Co-Investigator, UCLA


Mark Savill, PhD
Qualitative Co-Investigator, UCSF


Tara Niendam, PhD
Child Co-Investigator, UC Davis

Supporting Staff

Brooke Herevia
Center Administrator, UC Davis

Marissa Vismara
Assistant Project Manager, UC Davis

Lindsay Matthews
Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSF

Andrew Padovani
Senior Statistician, UC Davis

Amanda Berry
Contractor, UC Davis

Elyse Tascione
Project Manager, UCLA

Krystal Griffith
Project Manager, UCLA

Alanna Montero
Research Associate, UCLA

Jamie Mouzoon
Project Manager, UC Davis

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