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H3_logoThe goal of Healthy Minds, Healthy Children, Healthy Chicago (H3) is to develop a trauma-informed integrated care model to improve the prevention, early detection and treatment of child mental health problems. The main aims of the project evaluation are: 1) to describe the feasibility and acceptability of the care model by describing the care processes delivered; and 2) evaluate whether the care model is promising by tracking improvement in clinical outcomes in the child and primary caregiver over time (i.e., 3, 6, 12 months). The main care processes are: child mental health screenings, on-site brief mental health interventions, referral to specialty mental health, and if part of the care model, the detection of need for primary care in the affiliated specialty mental health program. For the child, the main clinical outcomes are mental health problem symptoms, health related quality of life, depression and high risk behaviors (youth only), functioning, and academic achievement. For the primary caregiver, the clinical outcomes are caregiver stress, probable depression, resilience and empowerment. The final selection of the clinical outcomes was guided by feedback from the clinical providers and community advisory board.

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