Community Partners in Care

In 2003, Kenneth Wells, a researcher from RAND and professor at UCLA took community health advocate, Loretta Jones, CEO of Healthy African American Families II to lunch to get advice about how to bring the benefits of good depression care to minority communities. His prior study, Partners in Care, showed that a team-based model to improve the quality of depression care in primary care improved depression in Latinos and African Americans about 5 times more than whites. At lunch, Loretta told Ken that you have to partner with the community at every stage of the research process to succeed. And they’ve been working together ever since with an ever growing team of partners to bring depression care to local communities. The lead community partners for the next phase of work are Healthy African American Families II and the County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health. UCLA and the RAND Corporation are the lead academic partners.

Our team won the 2014 Team Science Award from the Association for Clinical and Translational Science, the first applied research team to win this award. Our model has had significant impact on local healthcare policy with the County of Los Angeles basing their new strategy for expanded Medicaid Behavioral Health Services, the Health Neighborhood Initiative, on the CPIC model. Our approach enhances community engagement at UCLA by showing that strong authentic community engagement can lead to high quality science that improves care delivery and outcomes for under-resourced minority communities while having significant policy impact.

Watch the CPIC/CPPRN Conference: “Next Steps in Partnered Research to Build Community Wellness” (May 25th, 2016):






Our Award Winning Team



  • Kenneth Wells
  • Loretta Jones

Team Scientists

  • Ana Alvarez
  • Staci Atkins
  • Amy Ayano
  • Thomas Belin
  • Marina Berkman
  • Ricky Bluthenthal
  • Terry Bonecutter
  • Ted Booker
  • Barbara Boulet
  • Cheryl Branch
  • Elizabeth Bromley
  • Anthony Brown
  • Brittany Butler
  • Leopoldo Cabassa
  • Ronald Calderon
  • Rosalinda Cardenas
  • Nancy Carter
  • David Chambers
  • Bowen Chung
  • Bishop Gwendolyn Coates Stone
  • Barry Collins
  • Ed Corbett
  • Elizabeth Dixon
  • Naihua Duan
  • Megan Dwight-Johnson
  • Charla Franklin
  • Juana Gatson
  • Lillian Gelberg
  • James Gilmore
  • Gabriela Gomez
  • Lynn Goodloe
  • Paul Gore
  • Alina Gorgorian
  • Ruthie Gray
  • Sarah Megan Heller
  • Delores Hill
  • Susan Hirsch
  • Shirley Ann Hoffacker
  • Mariana Horta
  • Adriana Izquierdo
  • Abdul Jabbar Salaam Jami
  • Veronica Jimenez
  • Andrea Jones
  • Andrew Jones
  • Felica Jones
  • V. Kali
  • D’mitry Khodyakov
  • Ruth Klap
  • Paul Koegel
  • Isabel Lagomasino
  • Craig Landry
  • Barbara Linski
  • Elizabeth Lizaola
  • Sigrid Karina Madrigal
  • Nissa Madyun
  • Zoe Masongsong
  • Rhonda Mattox
  • Michael McCreary
  • Sharon McDaniels
  • Peter Mendel
  • Eric Mercier
  • Sequoia Mercier
  • Jeanne Miranda
  • Deanna Montjoy
  • D’Ann Morris
  • Norma Mtume
  • Kiosha Nelson
  • Victoria Ngo
  • Keith Norris
  • Michael Ong
  • Kavita Patel
  • Rachel Pearson
  • Judy Perlman
  • Esmeralda Pulido
  • Ana Ramos
  • Luis Rivera
  • Rose Romero
  • Jill Rotenberg
  • Starr Sanders
  • Vivian Sauer
  • Irene Y. Scaggs
  • Mienah Sharif
  • Cathy Sherbourne
  • George Simich
  • Carrolle Simien
  • Yolanda Simmons
  • Kimberly Simonet
  • Marvin Southard
  • Susan Stockdale
  • Rev. Terrence Stone
  • John Stuart
  • Louis Sunchin
  • Lingqi Tang
  • Alpha G. Timbo
  • Fannie Upshaw
  • Victoria Valdes
  • Roena Vega
  • Edward Vidaurri
  • Hope Watkins
  • Yolanda Whittington
  • Plus Williams
  • Ingrid Wilson
  • Yuting Wong
  • Aziza Wright
  • Tim Wright
  • Angela Young
  • Lily Zhang


The Community Partners in Care Council


  • Avalon Carver Community Center
  • Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
  • California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science
  • City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
  • COPE Health Solutions
  • Cordon Community Mental Health Center
  • DMH West Central Mental Health Center
  • First African Presbyterian Church
  • Healthy African American Families II
  • Homeless Outreach Program/Integrated Care System
  • Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles
  • Kaiser Watts Counseling & Learning Centers
  • Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute
  • Los Angeles Children’s Bureau
  • Los Angeles Christian Health Centers
  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
  • Los Angeles Urban League
  • NAMI Urban Los Angeles
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • New Vision Church of Jesus Christ
  • People Assisting the Homeless (PATH)
  • QueensCare Family Clinics
  • QueensCare Health and Faith Partnership
  • RAND Health
  • The Saban Free
  • St. John’s Well Child & Family Center
  • THE Clinic, Inc.
  • UCLA Semel Institute Center for Health Services and Society
  • USC Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Categories
    HSS Projects
  • Co-Investigators:
    Kenneth Wells and Loretta Jones
  • 2016 Healthcare Leadership Community Outreach Program
    LA Business Journal
  • 2015 Landmark Award
    UCLA Community Program of the Year
  • 2015 Annual Award
    Community-Campus Partnerships for Health
  • 2014 Team Science Award
    Association for Clinical and Translational Science
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