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Community and Patient Partnered Research Network (CPPRN)

CPPRN is a new program in Los Angeles County and New Orleans. We will collaborate with under-resourced communities to improve behavioral health services. The project is special because it will be driven by people just like you!

We use community-partnered participatory research (CPPR) to engage patients and community stakeholders in co-leading all aspects of our research. CPPR emphasizes transparency, respect, co-ownership, and capacity development to increase your trust in our research. These principles assure that we study questions and outcomes for behavioral health that are most important to patients, caregivers, families, and communities.

We know from our past work that using CPPR can improve quality of life for people with depression, reduce homelessness and hospitalizations. We are excited to work with you to find even more new ways to make a difference for people living with mental health issues and the people who love them.

The goal of CPPRN is to address persistent racial/ethnic disparities (primarily involving African Americans and Latinos) among adults (18 years or older) and adolescents (13–17 years) at risk for behavioral health conditions. CPPRN aims to accomplish this goal by:

  • Developing policies with stakeholders via the CPPR approach and community relationships developed through longstanding community relationships.
  • Create a reproducible approach to participatory research infrastructure development involving patients, caregivers, clinicians, and community stakeholders.
  • Develop research and data infrastructure using a partnered working group process with collaborative decision making.
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