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Elizabeth Lizaola, MPH

Elizabeth Lizaola, MPH

Elizabeth Lizaola received her BA in Psychology and Master of Public Health from UC Los Angeles in 2001 and 2005, respectively. Ms. Lizaola was a member of Dr. Marian Sigman’s research group for 7 years and has 7 years of experience at UCLA working in academic research and administration. She is skilled in personnel, fiscal, and office management as well as in research program coordination. In addition to her administrative experience, Ms. Lizaola has worked as a research assistant on several research projects at UCLA’s Semel Institute and School of Public Health. She has extensive experience administering questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with research participants and has been involved in the design and implementation of various coding schemes. Her prior role as a researcher facilitated her understanding of the research process and as such will contribute to her efficiency and effectiveness in addressing the needs of the Center for Health Services and Society.




  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Award: Community Partners in Care
  • 2015 UCLA Landmark Award, Community Program of the Year: Community Partners in Care


  • Association for Clinical and Translational Science Joint Team Science Award: Community Partners in Care


  • UCLA Administrative Management Group Certificate for Excellence in Leadership



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