The Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence is a new program authorized by Governor Brown under funds from the Mental Health Services Act. The sites for the 3-year start-up period are at UCLA Semel Institute and UC Davis.

The UCLA Semel Institute’s program includes resources to support the Clinical and Translational Science Center as well as research, communication, education and outreach programs of the Center for Health Services and Society. A central theme of the UCLA program is addressing mental health disparities through innovations in community engagement, dissemination of evidence-based practice, and innovations in research and communication and information technology. The UCLA program will also promote development of leadership in behavioral health sciences and services and innovations in approaches to community partnerships in mental health services. Key partners in services leadership are the Los Angeles County Departments of Mental Health Services, Health Servces, and Public Health through the Health Neighborhood Initiative.

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Presentations (PDF): The Way Forward Conference – March 30, 2017

Panelist Resources

Conference Videos

Conference Welcome and Overview
Cynthia Telles, PhD (UCLA) and Peter Whybrow, MD (UCLA)

Keynote: “Using Population Surveillance Surveys to Understand Mental Health Disparities in California”
Audrey Burnam, PhD (RAND); Nicole Eberhart, PhD (RAND); Eunice Wong, PhD (RAND)

Panel 1: “Emotional Emancipation Circles: Healing Circles for People of African Ancestry Preliminary Data”
Kristee L. Haggins, PhD (California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions); Cheryl Grills, PhD, (Loyola Marymount University)